10 Forklift Driver Interview Questions

Joining a new company can be an exciting and stressful experience and reviewing these 10 forklift driver interview questions will help you better prepare and make it a smoother experience. Most job interviews cover several aspects of your skills, your history and your personality and these questions are good examples of what you might expect on a job interview. While these won’t be the exact questions you’ll have to answer, knowing how to respond to these will ensure you’re ready for your interview.
Your skills are the most important aspect of any job interview and will be the first set of 10 forklift driver interview questions you’ll need to have handy. These will be very easy questions to answer since they are entirely factual. You should be ready to share any certifications or awards you have been given in your previous positions. You also want to be able to discuss any related skills you have that may help you appear to be a better candidate than others applying for the job. Questions about your skills will include:

• What skills do you have that apply to this position?
• How long have you been operating a forklift and what types are you certified to operate?
• What types of environments have you operated a forklift in and what shifts have you worked in other positions?

Most employers will need to know your job history before offering you a new position at their company. You’ll need to be ready to discuss your last job and even the ones before that one if you’ve had several. These questions are mostly factual and you should keep your answers short and to the point. Typical questions like these might include the following:

• Where did you last work and how long were you employed there?
• Why did you leave your last position?
• Did you have any safety violations or accidents at your last job?

The final section of the interview is a little more important as its lets a prospective employer know if you’d be a good fit for their company. These questions will require a little bit of thought and can be a little more stressful for some people because they are personal. You should speak freely but make sure your answers reflect a positive tone and refrain from any disparaging comments about previous employers or employees you’ve worked with. Questions like these might be:

• How do you handle stress on the job?
• What are your best / worst qualities as an employee?
• Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
• Why do you want to work for us and how can you help us?

Answering these questions slowly and honestly will help you get the new job. The key is knowing as much as you can about a new employer before the interview and not boring them with too much detail. Remember that they will probably be interviewing many candidates and appreciate honest answers to their questions. Take the time to review these 10 forklift driver interview questions before arriving for the interview and you’ll be ready to handle anything they ask.

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