Should I Get Forklift Trainer Certification?

Been driving forklifts for a while? Looking to open up new career options? If you have you have mastered the machine; take your expert knowledge of the forklift a step further and become a trainer.

As you know, there are many designs of forklifts, each slightly different. A working knowledge of these machines would be expected of a trainer. A trainer would be required to know how to use towing tractors, rider low lift trucks, reach trucks, counterbalanced forklifts and many more; whether they were designed to function in limited space with electric power or gas operating power.

Much of the forklift training is given through employers, but courses can be found online. The OSHA Course offered by Turner Construction offers further training for safety in the workplace (which is always a good foundation for any instruction). On the job training is one means of getting certification with reimbursement for certain training sometimes given by the employer. Your training may include supervising new drivers as they load warehouse, loading trucks, both flat and trailer.

A very specialized area of training is in all-terrain forklifts. These are slightly different with wheels wider apart and, as you might expect, function on many surfaces. The safety requirement would be higher and knowledge of what happens with various weights would be a part of your training. A more comprehensive training is necessary for training with this forklift but there is likely to less competition for instructor jobs.

Becoming a forklift trainer may increase your pay with an average salary approximately 10-25% higher than the average driver. This will be in keeping with the extra responsibilities you’ll be taking on in the company.

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