Forklift Training in Atlanta

If you live in or near the Atlanta Georgia area and are interested in being trained to operate a forklift there are schools in the area that can help you become certified. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration or OHSA has stated that employees must be trained by someone who is knowledgeable about forklift operation and can ensure that workers are competent when operating the forklift.

Atlanta has over 60 schools and classes that can be taken for forklift training in Atlanta. Some employers are also willing to train employees on the job. Employers often like to train employees on the job because they can then ensure that they are getting the proper training and they can have the employees trained on their own time.

If on the job training is not something that your employer is willing to do, you may also attend a class as a trade or vocational school. The Georgia School of Construction is located in Conyers Georgia and the Komatsu Forklift Company is located in Covington Georgia. Both of these schools will provide you with OSHA forklift operator certification. Georgia Technical College also offers a reputable OSHA training course.

Forklift training in Atlanta can also be taken at Toyota forklifts of Atlanta. They offer safety first classes that offer not only OSHA safety guidelines but also American National Standard Institute guidelines as well as new operator training or experienced operator refresher courses and a 10 hour OSHA industry guideline course. Classes at Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta range from 150 to 400 dollars and they also offer classes in Spanish for those that need it.

Super Tech Incorporated also has forklift training in Atlanta. Super Tech offers classes that are not only hands on and practical but they also offer formal classroom training as well as an area for testing and evaluation. Super Tech’s training involves not only the OSHA certification that is so important but also information on everything from how to handle pedestrian traffic to moving with large loads up and down slants and slopes. Super Tech Incorporated is located in Fayetteville, Georgia.

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