How to get a forklift licence

Getting a forklift licence can be a great career boost for most people and will open the door for more opportunities and higher salaries too. The process for becoming certified on forklifts is not difficult, but takes a little time to complete. In many countries this certification is mandatory before you can legally operate a forklift and will help your employer avoid fines and citations.

There are a few ways to obtain your forklift license and you can either complete it in person or online. Both of these take about the same amount of time and which one you choose really depends on whether you have the time to attend a class. Many people need to finish this certification before applying for a new position and choose the online training so they can fit it into their spare time.

Man taking a forklift testThe classroom setting is still the most common way to get your forklift licence and can be done at a local training facility or even at your place of work. There are a number of training companies that will have these classes scheduled a few times a month and are also happy to do the training onsite if a few people need it. The advantage to getting your certification in a class like this is that you’ll actually get to drive the forklift during the certification. You will also be around other drivers and this can be a great place to learn about other opportunities to put your new certification to good use.

The online forklift certification covers the same material as the classroom training but condenses it into a shorter timeframe. This type of forklift certification is great if you need to do the training in your spare time. Because the class is given online, you can fit the training in around other commitments like work or school. The online training may also be less expensive than a course in a classroom and this is another big incentive for many people.

Companies that operate huge warehouses and have to transport a lot of goods with forklifts may actually do the training at their facilities a few times a year. This allows them to recertify current employees and give other interested candidates the chance to get their forklift licence as well. This can be a good thing to have if you are thinking about changing careers and will prepare you for any openings that may be available in the future. By being certified on a forklift you immediately become more valuable to your employer, which is something you can point out in your next review. This expanded skill set can result in a raise since you are showing your employer you are serious about helping the company succeed.

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