The top 10 Forklift Test Questions

Passing your forklift driver exam can be a critical step in advancing your career and this article will provide you with 10 forklift test questions to help you better prepare for the examination. The best way to pass this test is by studying your manual, getting plenty of sleep the night before the exam and using a bit of common sense for questions you may not be sure of the answer. These 10 forklift test questions are not the actual ones on the exam but will give you a good idea of what type of questions to expect when you take the test.

The exam is divided into several types of questions and one of the main categories covers the actual operation of the forklift itself. Even though there are many different types of forklifts, these questions are general enough in nature to apply to them all. In this section of the exam you might see questions like these:

• When driving a forklift down a ramp, what direction should the forks point?
• When driving a forklift up a ramp, what direction should the forks point?
• What position should the forks be in when your forklift is parked for the night?
• Are you allowed to turn a forklift on a ramp or slope?

Another section of the exam focuses on the safety of the forklift and its operation. These are some of the most important of the 10 forklift test questions because they can help you prevent injury if you know the right answers. Questions in this section might include:

• When should you use the horn on your forklift?
• What is the proper distance between moving forklifts?
• Are you permitted to cross railway lines on your forklift?
• What is the safest way to operate your forklift if the view in front of you is blocked by a load you are transporting?

There are also a lot of hypothetical questions on the exam to see how well you can handle different situations you may encounter when operating a forklift. These are harder to prepare for since they require you to apply some of the rules you have learned to different scenarios. These are some of the most tricky of the 10 forklift test questions for some people because you can’t simply memorize the answers. These questions might include:

• What should you do if you discover a pool of oil on the floor while operating your forklift?
• How do you approach a narrow corner in your forklift when traveling down a narrow isle?

These examples should help you get a feel of what you can expect on the actual exam. The test is not especially difficult as long as you are prepared and have studied the manual. Knowing the answers to these test questions will give you a good idea of how you’ll do on the actual exam.

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